amamasheartI was born with a defect to my heart. One of the arteries runs backwards and on the opposite side of a normal human configuration. It would be a little over 50 years before that was diagnosed.

In the meantime, I grew up wondering why I could not run as fast as others or have a normal energy level. I attributed it to being chubby from age 10. I remember in junior high practicing the 50-yard dash. I would practice for hours hoping to win this short race, but I did not. Thinking I was just too fat to be like others certainly colored how I saw myself. For literally decades I compared myself to others and beat myself up because I felt like I never measured up.

My son, Jonathan, always encourages me to tell more stories and “preach” less. While I did not have a tortured childhood, it was peppered with sexual abuse. I know what it is to give up a child for adoption. My first husband was abusive. I know the fear of walking out of an abusive relationship. While a single mom, I was the victim of a violent crime. I know that defilement. I know the grief of burying a child.

As devastating as those things were, I have learned to dance in the storms of life. I know how to celebrate the simple things of life. I know how to turn trash to treasure, but figuratively and literally. I was given hope when I was hopeless and it is my heart to pay it forward.

It is my heart that this be joy puddle that you can splash in. I want to splash some hope in what seems like a hopeless situation. I learned about the mind-body-spirit connection through a ministry called Be in Health. I recognized that not only was my physical heart not up to par neither was my heart in good stead in soul and spirit. I saw how I had a twisted view of who I was in all levels all because of misinformation or lack of information.

Sometimes the old barn needs a fresh coat of paint. That’s my intent as I step into this next decade. I want to add a recipe every now and then and then show you how to decorate your life inside and out. Always, always I want to encourage you in this journey called life.

I do not for one minute believe I have all the answers. No, not at all. But over the years, I have found many answers that I want to share. I know how to listen. So I look forward to your input. Your feedback is so important to me as well as your prayer requests.


3 thoughts on “Born with a Broken Heart

  1. To the beautiful heart behind A Mama’s Heart … May many hearts, broken in time, no matter the reason, be led to this very special blog and begin to heal. Congratulations and God bless.

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