Is There a Shortage of Fruit and Nuts?

I am having a fruitcake crisis. Both Ingle’s and Wal-Mart are sold out of Claxton Fruitcake. How can this be? It is way too early.

People have said that the only good use for a fruitcake was a doorstop. but I LOVE fruitcake.
Perhaps it is because it conjures up memories of Christmas past. Both my grandmother and mother made fruitcakes. They lined the many loaf pans with heavy brown paper- often grocery bags. It took several days to prep and bake and wrap.
They were a treasured gift among extended family memories. I even remember my mom hiding it. It was no ordinary fruitcake. There was none of the bitter citron. Instead there were cherries, pineapple and lots of pecans. In fact, it was so chocked full of goodies there was little actual cake- just enough to hold it all together.
My granny never baked one, but she would take a store bought one and soak it in brandy for a week. Something my teetotaller mom would never do.
Mom doesn’t make fruitcake any more.
Enter Claxton fruitcake. Well, until this year…
Thank goodness for the website because unless you live in their region, you are probably not going to find it on your shelves. It is moist and rich. You can only eat a little at the time. I love it ice cold from the fridge so it slices thin.

Three years ago a friend of mine at church whose wife was born in Claxton, GA, had the audacity to tell me there was a better fruitcake.
But he won me over that year when he sent me a special pack of four different fruitcakes from Collin Street Bakery. Alas, even at Collin Street the fruit is diminishing and pecans are the star. Their pecan cakes are outrageous.  Texas does have great pecans.
If you get fruitcake for Christmas and you hate it, send it my way. If it isn’t the right one, I will doctor it up like Granny did.

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