Focus on Those Hidden Things

.I am not young.  I praise God for every year on my body’s chronometer. Yet I sometimes get frustrated when I am slow to learn, slow to change.
David declares, “My soul cleaveth unto the dust: quicken thou me according to thy word.”
I, too, hold on to things that are not good to me, those dusty things carried from my past that I haul into each new day.
Sometimes I get into false burden bearing. I want folks to “get it” and not waste years as I did on the shiny things,  those things that catch our attention. There are LOTS of shiny things during the holidays.  Instead we need to deal with those hidden things. Those things covered by the shadows in my soul that keep me from the fullness the Father has for me.

Hidden things. I thought about the verse that says everything hidden will be revealed. Wouldn’t I rather deal with those things myself before God than have someone else expose them and possibly exaggerate them or uncover me.
So I go back to the Word and what it says about me, about my walk and my final destination.

When I run to the Word, He can restore me and even enlarge my heart to receive more.
Today I will be patient with myself. I will look to my Father to guide me. He is the truth that never changes. I am His daughter. I am loved and must learn to love myself even in the dust.

Spiritual maturity cannot come in a day. We cannot expect it. It takes growth, until the whole beauty of the image of Christ is formed in (us).
Andrew Murray

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