Doing More Than Is Required

About 25 years ago we got an early morning call before we left for the airport to go to Africa. It was about 4:30 a.m. The caller asked us which flight we were taking and when we were leaving. He said he needed to see us before we left.
We went on to the airport and before we boarded he showed up with three small children under the age of six. He said the Lord had awakened him and told him to bring us some money. It wasn’t a huge amount, maybe $50. The thing that impressed me is he got up, dressed three children, drove an hour to the airport with those children so his wife could go on to work, to be obedient to God.
In all honestly I would have asked God if I could just drop it into the mail. 
When we had our intake interview, we were asked how much money we had with us. It was less than $100. We were then told.  “Fine, we won’t have to pay you this month.”  Our combined salary was $300 and we were not allowed to take any outside contributions.
I believe God knew what we were walking into and He provided for us through someone’s obedience.
I have a friend, Sharon, who has repeatedly come along me when I am doing something that is hard for me. Two examples immediately come to mind, Once when I opened a small shop in a shopping center, after working all day, she came to paint with me. She out painted me two to one, because she is a lot healthier. She never grumbled, she encouraged. I felt like when she opened that paint can, an alabaster jar of blessings had been opened.
Another time when we were getting my Mom’s house ready for her as a surprise, Sharon was there once again with her paint brush. She has repeatedly supported me in my ventures from gathering a trailer load of vines for me to weave to gathering treasures for my consignment shop.
That particular venture failed and when it did, I felt I had let Sharon down as well. She didn’t put that on me, but I wanted so badly to be the Diane she saw and believed in for me.
That was 20 plus years ago. I have moved away. My great venture now is a very low-key Mary Kay business. I do facials one on one, loving on women and edifying them the way Sharon did me.
About eight years ago Ray and I decided we would go to Ireland. Believe me it wasn’t in our budget. However, airfares were one half what they were two years before. Ray’s job was changing July 1st and we weren’t sure if he would have the flexibility he then had. So we went to go to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary early.
It was a scary decision to make, but it had been our dream for 30 years. So like the examples set before us, we did  a little more than is necessary to get there.
Making phone calls for Mary Kay scared me. So what. The only way to face a fear is to go through it. So that’s what I did.
We committed to doing more than is necessary to fulfill this dream. One group blessed us with$800. (I was out of town at the time. God just wanted to show me He was in control, not me.) He doesn’t just meet our needs, He gives us the desires of our hearts.
A couple of days before we left, we got a phone call from our son-in-law. He said God told him he was to give us some money for the trip. He asked me how  much we needed. I replied, “If God told you to give it to us, He will tell you the amount.”
Our daughter put $500 in our checking account. When we got to Ireland, it paid for an unexpected car insurance expense we had not planned for. I mean it was almost to the penny. Maybe there was $3.00 left over. God knew.
This is how we have learned to live our lives. When you seek His face instead of His hands, He shows up.
It is important to remember that He does show up, but He shows up in His timing and resolves the problem His way which generally isn’t the way we would have done it. His ways are higher than ours.
When we are in God’s waiting room, there will be attitude checks. How we wait impacts the outcome. He is perfecting us. Grumbling and complaining have to go. Gratitude and complete trust must come forth.
In God’s waiting room, it is important to remember how He has met us before and trust that He will do it again.
Friday will be our 38th wedding anniversary. It is amazing. We are indeed very grateful. We do face some challenges, but one thing we have learned: God is bigger than any challenges. He’s a good, good God whose plans for us are for good and not evil. Trust Him.

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