What Song Are You Singing?

Even in Christianity we can sing the same song over and over until it loses its meaning. It may have been a great song, but when we have milked the essence from it, it is time to sing a new song. If we don’t, our Christian walk will become ordinary, even mundane.

Now that Christmas carols are on the radio and other media, we sometimes to fail to really listen to the words.

Pastor Adrienne mentioned once that “new song is in the Bible nine times. If it is there nine times, I believe God is trying to get our attention. I was convicted that I was singing the same old song and He is wanting me to sing a NEW one.

They say that doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. Yet many Christians live their faith that way, not expecting new things, not growing beyond the fundamentals.

As I dug into “new song”, I discovered that there are actually 185 songs in the Bible for all occasions from battles  to splitting seas to dirges. Over three-fourths are found in Psalms. So why am I not singing a new song when He is definitely doing new things? Have we lost the ability to celebrate because we are so busy with dead works?

I can remember when praying in the Spirit was normal, but today it is occasional. Are we so burdened with the cares of the world that we can’t break through in song?

This little girl missed her mother who died and sang from the heart.  Her music has taken her around the world. I encourage you to listen to it once and then listen to it again joining her in song. Ask the Lord to give you that new song from your heart.

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