Give a Hand Up

Heaviness in the heart of man maketh it stoop: but a good word maketh it glad. Proverbs 12:25
You see a lot of older people who are bowed and stooped over. I am sure some can be attributed to diseases like osteoporosis or scoliosis. However, I wonder if some of this is because their life has been built on accomplishments instead of relationships.
When the their career ends, there is no one to share the extra time with. They have no relationships because were too busy with their career. Many marriages are troubled when the husband retires, because she is used to doing her own thing without him, because he was too busy. Now he is home and wants her attention. He is clueless as to why the children don’t want to be a part of his life when he was never available for them growing up. This is not gender specific. It can be male or female.

However, I have had seasons in my life where I was more caught up in doing than being.
I remember when I had a house full of children and was involved with in both church and political activities. One day as I was rushing the children to the car, I heard an elderly neighbor call out. I ignored the call. He was lonely and ignored by his wife. I didn’t want to waste 15 minutes of my time with his rambling dissertation.
I herded everyone in the car and waved as I drove off.
A couple of days later, he committed suicide.
Would 15 minutes really have mattered that much to my schedule?
But it mattered to his.
I know it is hard to listen to whining and self-pity. Some days I feel too weary to listen, but we can all take time today for just one person for no one is guaranteed tomorrow. While I try to protect myself from negative people, if I am full of the joy of the Lord, I can shake off the defilement. I don’t have to take it in.
The flip side is if you aren’t receiving as many phone calls as You would like perhaps it is time for you to make some.
One of the manifestations of bitterness is keeping a record of wrongs. These people know who called who last. Whose turn it is to call. Really? That is a sure highway to loneliness. It is a dead end.
The Bible says to him who gives mercy, mercy is given.
I know sometimes it is nine at night before I remember to make a call and then it is too late. So instead of feeling forgotten, why not reach out and remember to love unconditionally?
Dare to be a light set upon a hill and shine, shine, shine with His love.

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